Magic Crystal of Infinity - Falling

Boots: Fall damage -15% *not sure about recipe for NA*

average sub-ingredient per craft
average processed sub-ingredient per craft
Shopping List
1 Fruit Of Enchantment
Gathered from breeding fire flake flowers, dry mane grass, sunrise herb, silk honey grass, or silver azalea[...]
1 Green Magic Crystal
Any green magic crystal[...]
1 Magic Crystal of Nature - Falling
Shoes: Fall damage -10% *Doesn't exist in NA?*[...]
10 Rough Ruby
Gathered or obtained from node[...]
5 Wild Grass
Obtained by gathering wild herbs[...]
CountIngredientCostTaxTotal Cost
1Fruit Of Enchantment
1Green Magic Crystal
1Magic Crystal of Nature - Falling
10Rough Ruby
5Wild Grass
CountCalculationSingle ValueBatch Value
1Magic Crystal of Infinity - Falling Value:
Taxed Value00
Ingredients Cost:00
1xTotal Profit00
average Magic Crystal of Infinity - Falling per craft
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