Essence Of Magic Power

Used in Alchemy

average sub-ingredient per craft
average processed sub-ingredient per craft
Shopping List
6 Birch Sap
Gathered or obtained from nodes[...]
6 Dry Mane Grass
Farmed or gathered[...]
2 Fruit Of Magic Power
Gathered from breeding emperor mushroom or hump mushroom[...]
2 Powder Of Darkness
Gathered from Titanium Ore or obtained from nodes[...]
Direct Recipes
CountIngredientCostTaxTotal Cost
6Birch Sap
6Dry Mane Grass
2Fruit Of Magic Power
2Powder Of Darkness
CountCalculationSingle ValueBatch Value
1Essence Of Magic Power Value:
Taxed Value00
Ingredients Cost:00
1xTotal Profit00
average Essence Of Magic Power per craft
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